✅ Jaaloo Puzzles - The Story

27 Modules


-initially, little or no money shall be expended

-at the point of proof of concept

-we shall explore finance and budgetary options

-in order to scale the business


-the inclusion of collaborators shall be critical to scaling the project

-collaborators could add value in different ways:

-finance, experience, network, exposure, etc

✅demonstration videos - 001

-these are demonstration videos on how to play Jaaloo 

-they are also available on Youtube, Facebook, etc


-different monetisation models shall be explored

-we shall leverage best practice within and outside the industry

-and may be explore a bit of creativity

✅platforms for Jaaloo


✅set backs


-solat istikharah has given renewed hope and inspiration

-it’s a remarkable prayer for guidance and direction.

✅the challenges

✅the contributors

✅the inspiration

-the inspiration for Jaaloo came sometime in 2003 while training to be a Mathematics teacher in a London secondary school

-although I didn’t complete the teacher-training

-Jaaloo was one of the benefits I received

-the game was played by the students in its raw form

-the students, including those who didn’t love mathematics traditionally, went on fire

-they indeed enjoyed the Jaaloo experience

-this was the green light to take it further

✅the journey

-I’ve worked with different people on this journey

-most of them contributed their bits and dropped off

-the project stalled and was re-ignited

-the product continued to be polished

-effort, creativity and spirituality were increased

-it’s hoped that we’ll reach the desired destination by God’s grace. 

✅the name- evolution

✅the stakeholders

-Olayinka Carew aka Jack Lookman 

-Ola Badamosi

✅variants of Jaaloo

-we’re working on different variants of Jaaloo 


the digital development

Modules for this product 27
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