✅❓ingredients for business?- Free

-do you wish to start a business?

-have you recently started a business?

-are you struggling with your business?

-do you require inspiration?

-do you wish to get a feel of the world of business? 

-this course is designed with you in mind

98 Modules

✅about this website

-the content is in text or audio format and sometimes, both

Twenty Curated Business Ideas by Jack Lookman

✅Affiliate Marketing strategies- Youtube

✅consequences of mistrust

-trust is difficult to build

-easy to destroy

Twenty Curated Business Ideas by Jack Lookman


-e-commerce platforms





-Facebook marketplace?




-square space?

-big commerce





-search engine

-wide reach

✅how to do basic research on Youtube

-what is Youtube?

-how could Youtube be accessed?


-search engine?




✅payment gateways

-internet research

✅Tayo Aina- Youtube


✅traits of successful entrepreneurs



-content creator

-content consumer


-search engine



❓entrepreneurial journeys that started at old age

-age 55+


-United Kingdom?


❓✅how to monetise your smart phone

-what are digital gadgets?

-smart phones



-digital tablets?


❓how to prepare for business



-social enterprise?


❓Payment platforms

-how do they work?




-debit/ credit cards?

❓secrets of business success

❓setting up an online business

-what’s an online business?


ceo’s that started late

ceo’s with health challenges

entrepreneurs who overcame the odds

female ceo’s

financial success in old age


how I became a millionaire

how to monetise Social media

how to monetise the internet

if you can’t find a job, why not create one

inspirational ceo’s

investment opportunities

marketing digital products

membership sites


-expectation management?


-types of membership sites


monetising digital information products

Muslim ceo’s

must I be a professional, to monetise the profession?

-value chain?


my journey out of poverty

Nigerian Entrepreneurs

online businesses


passion to business

procrastination management

Social media









Social media business models

stories of ceo’s

stories of Nigerian ceo’s

the importance of honouring commitments

tools for business

up and coming ceo’s

useful courses

virtual product launch- how to organise it

young ceo’s

membership sites

online businesses

Modules for this product 98
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