đź’°Curated Business Ideas- 006

-10 carefully articulated Business Ideas

-part of the Curated Business Ideas series

-a useful resource for Entrepreneurs

-also useful for for unemployed persons

-useful alternatives to paid employment

-we offer collaboration opportunities- contact us at jacklookman@yahoo.co.uk 

10 Modules

âś…digital content





âś…How To Start A Side Hustle

-search criteria?- Youtube? Facebook? Google? Internet? Amazon?

-how to start a side hustle

-side hustle ideas

-how to make money part time

-how to monetise in my spare time

-how can I make money in my spare time?

-ideas on starting a side hustle

âś…Income Ideas For Older Citizens

-search criteria- Youtube- Facebook- Google

-income ideas for older citizens

-income ideas for older citizens in United Kingdom 

-businesses for older citizens

-monetisation for older citizens


-family business

âś…Income Ideas For Teenagers

-search criteria?- Youtube?- Facebook? Google? 

-income ideas for teenagers

-income ideas for teenagers- United Kingdom 

-business ideas for teenagers

-jobs for teenagers

âś…leveraging semester holidays in higher institutions

-search criteria

-making the most of holidays

-leveraging university holidays

-monetising university holidays

-how could I make money during my holidays

-how to monetise my holiday

-ideas for monetising my holiday

-income streams for holidays

Modules for this product 10
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