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✅Ajo, The App And Opportunities

-this book is about the opportunities presented by the traditional savings practice predominantly used by Africans.

-the book explores the use of leveraging technology to make the process more effective, transparent and accountable.

✅Basic Management And Fundraising Tips For Community Groups

-this book was inspired by my many volunteering dispositions

-the final inspiration and trigger for this book was my fundraising effort for my local Mosque

-the book is a very practical resource, which also borrows from my paid work experiences as an Income Collection Officer

-the link for purchase from amazon.com is included

✅E-Commerce For Traditional African Attires

✅Eid Monetisation by Leveraging Technology

Eid Monetisation by Leveraging Technology

✅Empowering Orphans, Widows and Widowers

-following interviews with this demographic

-their plight is being shared

-the aim is to empower them, inspire them and get the best out of them

-stories of experiences of pain, emotion, spirituality, determination, success, challenges, etc are shared

-it’s a resource to add value to life experiences to both old and young

✅Jaaloo Puzzles - Volume 1

✅Jaaloo Puzzles- Volume 2

✅Monetising A Digital Library- Business Idea

-this business idea is about leveraging technology to monetise on a small or medium scale

-just like what I’m doing on this platform

-curating niched content

-and selling it to your audience

-and making passive and sustainable income

✅Oro Ishiti- Indelible Yoruba Words - Volume 1

✅Submission, Gratitude, Faith and Hope

What are your thoughts? What is your mindset? (Youths) - Volume 2

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