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35 Modules

a brief insight to this course

Basic online research

You could research topics or subjects on different platforms, such as:




*Social media


Accessing these platforms is free.

All you need to do is type in your question, or keywords and you shall get a lot of direct or related information.

You could then go through the information as necessary and take notes.

This process could be used in creating content or in updating your skills.

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Content is information which is expressed in media of choice to satisfy a purpose.

In affiliate marketing, this relates to sharing information about products or services being marketed.

This could be done through a variety of ways; either directly or indirectly.

It could be done via audio, text, video, picture or animation. 

Some platforms that could be used to achieve this, are mentioned later in this module.

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Facebook Marketing

This could be done via

*Facebook groups

*Facebook pages

*Facebook profile

*Facebook story

*Facebook messenger 

You could also do paid advertisements to targeted traffic and demographics.


An experienced Affiliate Marketer was heard saying the the most profitable niches are:




Are these good thoughts?

Social Media Marketing

There are quite a few social media platforms, with each having its peculiarity.

As an Affiliate Marketer you should explore the relatively cheap advertising platforms.

Leverage the ones that resonate with you, and where your target demographics hang out.

Use organic or paid traffic to achieve your aim.

Focus on the outcome and make notes of your successes and failures.

Where you fail, avoid such pitfalls in the future.

Where you succeeded, repeat the winning formula over and again.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Most, if not all businesses have a value chain.

Some chains might include:

-creation of the product

-administrative inputs

-marketing inputs

-research inputs

-legal inputs

-strategy inputs

-risk management inputs

-customer services inputs

-accounting inputs

-raising finance

-managing finance


-human resources


Sometimes, from a distance, all you see is the finished product, without knowing all that went into it

I hope that you found value. 

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Jack Lookman 

What is an affiliate link?

Olayinka N O Carew a.k.a Jack Lookman.

Our mission is to empower and inspire generations.

Jack’s Empowerment: https://www.jacksempowerment.com

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Become an Affiliate Marketer : https://learnoflixaffiliates.com/?ref=615C4C

I make money from affiliate marketing at no additional cost to you.  

What platforms could I leverage, to make money?

You could leverage different media to monetise.

These could be social media;  traditional print media like newspapers, magazines, etc; whatsapp; text messages (sms); blogs; etc.

The mode could be via paid traffic or organic traffic.

Please do some more research on the internet to explore other possibilities.

Ire o (I wish you blessings) 

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Youtube Marketing

You could do this via adverts on organic traffic through your Youtube channel or through paid traffic on the channels of others.

The adverts should normally be related to the demographics of the channel.

some Affiliate Marketing platforms

- research Affiliate Marketing platforms

- on google

- on Youtube 

- research country-specific platforms

- research niche-specific platforms

- research digital- or physical-product -specific platforms


- time table

- passive Affiliate Marketing on blog or Social media 

- monitor source of traffic

- be organised

- document as necessary

- leverage best practice

COPY: 🟠some useful search criteria on Youtube / google

- how can I get (free) traffic

- Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

- Affiliate Marketing 2023

- Affiliate Marketing strategies

- monetising Affiliate Marketing 

- monetising Affiliate Marketing without a website

COPY: ❓strategies

Modules for this product 35
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