💰optimising teaching skills

Are you a classroom teacher?

Or a prospective teacher?

Are you a policy maker?

Do you care about the plight of teachers?

Must teachers be poor?

Are there alternatives?

Are we optimising opportunities?

Is there another way?

Explore this blueprint to stimulate thoughts and opportunities.

Best Regards 

Olayinka Carew aka Jack Lookman 

23 Modules

✅a brief introduction

This brief content is about optimal use of teaching skills.

Even though this content focusses more on classroom teachers; it could be extended to other types of teachers.

It explores the opportunities that the internet and technology present, and reasons why the teachers needn't be financially poor.

The content is a blueprint.

Best Regards 

Olayinka Carew aka Jack Lookman 

✅are teachers under valued?

✅are there better ways of teaching?

✅are we getting the best out of teachers?

✅case studies

✅could teachers be more efficient?

✅could teachers collaborate?

✅could teachers ever become rich?

✅could teachers up-skill?

✅could teachers leverage technology?

✅different types of teachers

✅digital platforms for teaching

✅do teachers add value to society?

✅do teachers need to be incentivised?

✅is the internet a friend or foe?

✅what are best practices?

✅what are the benefits of teachers to society?

✅what are the skills of a teacher?

✅what opportunities are open to them?

✅who are the different types of teachers?

✅who could benefit from this content?

Modules for this product 23
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