đź’°Fundraising For The Mosque- blue print

-are you in the process of building a Mosque?

-or in the process of building a religious centre?

-do you require fundraising ideas

-do you wish to learn from best practice?

-have you run out of ideas?

-do you wish to share a peep from another pair of eyes?

-do you wish to leverage the experience of others?

-do you wish to leverage a reference point?

-do you want a quickly accessible reference point?

-do you want an easy-to-reference blueprint?

-if yes, consider purchasing this product

-Fundraising Ideas For The Mosque

-Jack Lookman 

22 Modules

âś…a brief insight to this content

âś…benefits of the Mosque

âś…best practice

research or employ best practices from:

-from the sunnah

-from other Mosques

-from other organisations

-from business practices

-from intellectuals

-from individuals

-from similar organisations

-experiences from using other Mosques

-from experiences of present and past post holders within and outside the Mosque

-and internally?

-could best practice be shared periodically/ regularly?


-document and revisit these periodically, and act


-have effective budgets

-review them as necessary

-avoid wasteful and unnecessary spending

-accountability and transparency

-have an audit process

-before spending, ask if it’s really important

-prioritise spending

-explore income streams

âś…business collaborations

âś…competitor research


-effective documentation is very important

-leverage digital options

-have back ups

-index your documents for ease of retrieval

-be aware of legal implications

-it helps you become more efficient

-it could save time and other resources

-it breeds trust


âś…fundraising ideas

-more ideas are welcome

âś…inspiration for this project

âś…marketing/ publicity




-Social media 




-the positive mindset of all stakeholders is very important

-those with a negative mindset may not allow you to progress

-you might want to include relevant training on this subject

-it should be made mandatory for all stakeholders

-as the need arises, there may be refresher courses

-this could be in digital format to reduce cost

-as well as for easy accessibility

-mindset is an important foundational tool

-if it’s not got right, efforts may be in vain

âś…process review

-there shall be regular reviews of processes

-are they working?

-could they be better?

-could they be done differently?

-have parameters changed?

-reviews could be initiated via brainstorming sessions

-as well as via feedback mechanisms

-after the brainstorms

-collect regular data

-have an action plan

-execute the plans

-keep reviewing periodically

âś…project plan


-out of site is out of mind?

âś…systems/ structures/ processes/ automation

-note your activities

-note your processes

-are there more efficient ways of executing them?

-could some of them be automated or semi-automated?

-is there a need to invest in these?

-will it be value for money?

-will it create long-term savings?

-are there systems and structures to manage your human resources?

-are they efficient?

-are they cost and time efficient?

-is there a need to outsource any bodies of work?

-is there a need to research on the above?

-is automation affordable?

-is there a business case for it?

-is there a need to regularly review your processes?

-could you shadow similar organisations?

-and learn from best practice?



-targets should be set for activities needing accomplishment

-targets should be realistic

-targets usually drive processes

-targets should be reviewed as necessary 

-they should also be documented and monitored

-assessments should be carried out as necessary

-these help evaluate processes as effective or requiring modification


âś…your additions or comments

Asalam Alaykum Waramotulahi Wabarakatu-u 

if you wish to add or comment, please send this to jacklookman@yahoo.co.uk 

subject should be:

Fundraising for the Mosque (comment/s)- (jacksempowerment.com)

Jazakh Allahu khayran. 

Maa Salam. 

Ire o (I wish you blessings) 

Jack Lookman 

Modules for this product 22
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