đź’°Becoming Organised

Are you disorganized?

Do you spend wasted time in accomplishing tasks?

Do you expend unnecessary energy?

Do you feel overwhelmed?

Do you wish to explore better ways?

Exploring this course could be a game changer.

16 Modules

âś…basic time management






-important and urgent

-important but not urgent

-not important but urgent

-not important and not urgent

how will you prioritise the above?

âś…prioritising considerations

-you need to prioritise your activities

-doing important/ urgent activities 1st


âś…timing activities

-timing your activities helps you to plan effectively

-e.g. if going for an interview

-you could have an idea of when to wake and when to set out

-some considerations are listed below

âś…Youtube videos

- visit Youtube or google

- do relevant searches

- e.g how to get organized

- how can I organize myself

- techniques on being organised

- etc

Modules for this product 16
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